Our funder

SPECTRUM is funded by the UK Prevention Research Partnership.

SPECTRUM is funded through the UK Prevention Research Partnership (grant reference MR/S037519/1), an initiative funded by UK Research and Innovation Councils, the Department of Health and Social Care (England) and the UK devolved administrations, and leading health research charities.

UK Prevention Research Partnership

The UK Prevention Research Partnership (UKPRP) is a £50 million multi-funder initiative that supports novel research into the primary prevention of non-communicable diseases to improve population health and reduce health inequalities.

No single research funder has the resources or expertise to address the complex factors and systems influencing health on their own. Therefore, a partnership of twelve funders including charities, UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) councils and the UK health and social care departments established the multimillion-pound UKPRP.

    The UKPRP vision is to generate fresh insights into actionable, sustainable and cost-effective ways of preventing non-communicable diseases in the UK. They fund:

    • Consortia: These are large interdisciplinary collaborations funded to undertake research into a specific challenge in the primary prevention of non-communicable diseases. SPECTRUM is one of seven consortia funded by UKPRP.
    • Networks: These are interdisciplinary communities built around broad challenges in the primary prevention of non-communicable diseases. UKPRP funding enables interactions between the diverse network members to draw together expertise and perspectives for generating fresh insights on how to best tackle non-communicable diseases.


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