Nicotine and Tobacco Current Issues: Policy and Practice Workshop

30th January – 1st February 2024

SPECTRUM was delighted to host a Nicotine and Tobacco Current Issues Workshop in January, building on our previous knowledge exchange events.  This 3-day event brought together a range of stakeholders to discuss current and emerging issues in nicotine and tobacco.  


The workshop included experts from across SPECTRUM, our wider community of academic researchers and alliance partners ASH, presenting across key themes including trends and policies; inequalities; the tobacco industry; and pricing.


The event was attended by 40 people representing policy and practice, public health sectors, local authorities, charities and government from across the UK.  Attendees provided positive feedback on the workshop, for many it was relevant and informative, exceeding their expectations.  There was a strong interest in seeing similar events repeated in the future. 


All of the speakers were incredibly engaging and the presentations were well paced and contained relevant information.


A really great opportunity provided by SPECTRUM, and SO important that experts across multiple fields can come together and share experience like this around the huge impact of tobacco and tobacco control….. 


This was a great few days that left me enthused but also with more knowledge and a greater understanding of some of the complexities. Thank you. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who works in the field.