COVID-19 and tobacco study launched

A new study involving members of the SPECTRUM Consortium has been launched at the University of Edinburgh.

04 May 2020

The 'COVID-19 and Tobacco project: Generating evidence to support policy and practice to address tobacco use during and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic' is a two-and-a-half-month research project funded through an internal call for proposals from the University of Edinburgh, utilising funding from the Scottish Funding Council, as part of their Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF).  

The aim of the study is to generate evidence to support governments in low and middle income countries to make informed policy decisions about the public health response in general and tobacco control interventions in particular, in the context of COVID-19 or other future infectious disease epidemics that affect respiratory health.

The project builds on an existing GCRF GROW funded programme, the Tobacco Control Capacity Programme (TCCP). TCCP is a consortium of 15 partners, nine of which are in Africa and Asia. It also has strong linkages to the SPECTRUM consortium, a UK Prevention Research Partnership funded programme. 

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