Help evaluate new smoking data monitoring website

SPECTRUM researchers at the University of Nottingham are looking for input to evaluate their new Smoking Trends UK website.

10 November 2020

As part of a project funded by Cancer Research UK, the new Smoking Trends UK website presents UK data on smoking prevalence, consumption and other measures of smoking behaviour and e-cigarette use from a range of data sources.

The team hope that the website will enable stakeholders to easily monitor trends in smoking-related measures. It is a versatile website which allows users to view graphs for different measures, time periods and populations, which can be downloaded and shared.

To help improve the site, the team are conducting a two-part evaluation.

You can choose to participate in either one or both aspects. Participants for both studies will comprise key stakeholders with an interest in monitoring trends in smoking behaviour.  

Complete the online survey

An online user survey (no more than 10 minutes) has been created, which seeks to explore the website’s usability, utility, frequency of use and sustainability.

Access the survey via the University of Nottingham

Stakeholder telephone interviews

Stakeholder telephone interviews (a maximum of 40 minutes) will also be conducted as part of the evaluation. To take part in the qualitative study, participants should have used the smoking trends website at least once.

If you are interested in contributing to the qualitative study, please email Kelvin Nartey, University of Nottingham, by the end of November ( 


Visit the Smoking Trends UK website