Usher Institute COVID-19 webinars: COVID-19 and Tobacco

The Usher Institute at the University of Edinburgh has launched a COVID-19 webinar series, including an upcoming webinar on COVID-19 and tobacco

05 May 2020

The Usher Institute has launched a weekly COVID-19 webinar series targeted at members of the academic community in the UK and beyond, the public health community and key decision-makers from a range of sectors. Organised by Professor Aziz Sheikh, Director of the Usher Institute and Professor Linda Bauld, Director of the SPECTRUM Consortium and Bruce and John Usher Chair of Public Health at the Usher Institute, the webinars are hosted via Zoom and live streamed via YouTube.  

The next webinar will take place on 21 May at 10am and is produced in collaboration with SPECTRUM, the Tobacco Control Capacity Programme (TCCP), Addressing Smokeless Tobacco and building Research Capacity in South Asia (ASTRA) and Stopping Tobacco Organisations and Products (STOP).  

Speaker Affiliation Title
Lion Shahab University College London (SPECTRUM Member) The association between COVID-19 and smoking
Kamran Siddiqi University of York Cessation and COVID-19
Monika Arora Public Health Foundation of India Need to strengthen tobacco control policies in the time of COVID-19 and LMIC perspective
Tom Hird University of Bath Tobacco industry influence extending via COVID-19

Watch the webinar (YouTube recording)

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