Explore smoking behaviour across Scotland, Wales and England with new interactive website

A new website will display headline trends from the recently expanded Smoking Toolkit Study.

27 September 2021

SPECTRUM researchers based at University College London have launched a new online portal detailing headline trends from the Smoking Toolkit Study, to monitor smoking behaviour across Scotland, Wales and England.

The Smoking Toolkit Study has collected monthly data on smoking behaviour across England since 2006. From October 2020, as part of the SPECTRUM consortium’s programme of research, the study was expanded into Scotland and Wales. 

Data from each nation, refreshed monthly, is now available on the new website, allowing researchers, policymakers, and members of the public to closely track headline smoking trends and monitor progress towards reducing the prevalence of smoking and its associated harms.

As we approach the publication of the respective Scotland, Wales and England tobacco control plans, the Smoking Toolkit Study will be a vital tool that will enable, inform and stimulate research into the impact of polices on smoking outcomes whilst recognising potentially divergent devolved government policies.