Headline trends from Alcohol Toolkit Study available on new website

A new interactive website will allow users to explore national trends from the Alcohol Toolkit Study.

10 December 2021

A new online portal will display headline trends on alcohol behaviour across Scotland, Wales and England, based on findings from the recently expanded Alcohol Toolkit Study.

The website was created and launched by SPECTRUM researchers based at University College London.

Data from each nation, refreshed monthly, is now available on the new website, allowing researchers, policymakers, and members of the public to closely track headline alcohol trends and monitor the impact of different policies and approaches across devolved nations.

The new website follows the successful launch of the online portal for the Smoking Toolkit Study earlier this year.

We hope that the new and interactive website stimulates engagement with key indicators of alcohol use behaviour during the pandemic period and beyond, and continues to highlight progress towards reducing health inequalities related to harmful alcohol consumption.

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