Meagre spending on tobacco control is costing the economy billions

SPECTRUM joins over 30 organisations in signing an open letter calling for government to increase tobacco control investment in order to achieve a Smokefree 2030.

SPECTRUM, along with other health experts and campaigners, have written an open letter urging the UK government to increase investment in tobacco control if they want to realise their ambition of a Smokefree 2030. The letter, published in the British Medical Journal last month, highlighted that cuts to the tobacco control budget mean that, if current trends continue, the 2030 target would be missed by nearly a decade. The signatories argue that an immediate investment of £125m per year is needed to achieve the target within the promised timeframe and that the benefit to public finances would be realised after just 12 months. The benefits of achieving a Smokefree 2030 include reducing pressure on the NHS whilst helping those living in poverty to increase their disposable incomes. The letter also suggests that if government funds are not available, a “polluter pays” levy on the tobacco industry should be considered.